Friday, December 24, 2010

Some more stuff from first Semester

Here's some more character design stuff that I worked on this past semester. This was actually my final assignment for the semester. The first is a Former Wrestler turned Call Center Operator, and the second is a Call Center Operator by day, Mad Scientist/ Super Villain by night. The original concept drawings that I did are on top, and the final products are below, along with some basic explorations of what they'd be like at their cubicles that I did early on while trying to get a feel for 'em. I still think I can develop them further though, so I will be revisiting them. I want to tweak the the musculature on the wrestler so it doesn't look as sausage like, and I gotta do something about the mad scientist's shelf chin. I'm prob gonna attempt to digitally paint at least one of 'em as well (probably the wrestler)

 These where for another Character Design assignment that I had to do. We had to make head sculpts of characters that we designed and then do tonal studies on 'em. This was the end result.

Aaaaaand these are 50 out of the 100 hands that I had to do for Life Drawing Class. These are actually the second set of hands, the first set still being on the computer at school. I'll grab them and upload em when I get back to the studio in January. Anyway, I seriously slacked on this set, and I think I could probably produce better if I had put the same amount of effort in that I had with the first set.

...I seriously think I need a scanner, so I can get decent scans of these things up.

Wow, Chris. Way to jump on the bandwagon.

SOOOO here it is. I've been saying I was gonna start an art blog all semester, and I finally did it. I'm gonna try to update this thing as frequently as I can, and hopefully this blog'll act as a good tool to chronicle any improvement I have in my work. I guess I should probably start by uploading some of my work from first semester.

First off is some of the caricature stuff I had to do for Character design class. these are the ones that I'm happier with, but I think that even though I'm starting to get a feel for it, theres still a hell of a long way to go.